The unique Ferrari F50 GT1

The F50 is the rarest of the Ferrari supercars. The F50 GT was built on the F50 platform to compete in the GT1 class of the FIA GT. Ferrari constructed just three of the specialized race cars before the company decided it wanted to abandon sports car racing and fully commit to Formula1. With its 750-horsepower V12 that could rev to 10,500 rpm, the F50 GT was rumored to lap the Fiorano test track faster than the Ferrari 333 SP prototype racecar.

Some quick facts:

Only 3 made; 1 prototype and 2 for customers: Power: 750 bhp @ 10500 rpm Torque: 383 lb·ft @ 8000 rpm Power-to-weight ratio: 0.825 hp/kg 0 to 60 mph : 2.9 s 0 to 100 mph : 6.7 s ¼ Mile: 10.2 s @ 129 mph Top speed: 235 mph

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