Gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster

Can’t say i’m a fan of red at all, except on a Ferrari and a few other exceptions, but my god this is sexy. Looks fantastic!

I think this Lamborghini has a better red than any of the Ferrari's. I usually am not a red fan, but this color is just amazing. Lamborghinis are the only manufacturer that can pull off these outrageous colors. I kind of prefer it that way. The lime green Miura, the 50th Ann. Aventador Yellow, a purple Diablo VT, a red Countach. They're just iconic in those colors.


  1. This is our car :) we sold it a while ago, see more at www.dealsonwheels.ae

  2. WOW, this Lamborghini is just amazing. The look just wonderful of this car. I always dream to buy this one but you know somehow this is so costly. And the main thing is it's maintenance cost but if you visit mercedes garage in Dubai you'll get all high quality servicing at a reasonable price. And one more thing is I always visit there with my Mercedes Benz with my car.

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