Audi RS6 Sportmile can outrun an Aventador in a drag race?

Awesome car, but pretty much anything can outrun an Aventador in a drag race with some money under the hood.

I'm no Audi expert, but I am pretty knowledgeable about engines especially when it comes to forced induction. My friend has an S6 and as far as I can tell, that car had a naturally aspirated V10. The RS6 pictured is the same generation as his, and has a twin turbo version of that same engine and makes 580 hp.
Now again, I'm no Audi expert, but I highly doubt that this car made 120 more horsepower without changing the turbos. I understand that the V10 they have is an excellent candidate for FI and responds extremely to it (see: anything underground racing), but for that fuel system, oil system, the small turbos, and the cooling they have fitted to be able to handle another 120 more horsepower from however much added boost pressure just doesn't seem realistic to me. That's just on the low end, 900hp would most definitely require a fuel system upgrade as well as turbos and an oil cooling system.
I just looked into something on YouTube, and the world's fastest is the one beating the Aventador. Not every one of these cars with a tune is going to be pulling on an Aventador, and it's going to take dropping the engine to even make it compete (and a ton of $$$).

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